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Since we got back home last year, we have been wondering where to go next and when we could get away.  We had agreed to spend some time in the UK due to Denise's business commitments but we continued to ask ourselves "Where next?"

Russia didn't seem to be so far away - could we do a quick trip across to Vladivostock in the Spring of 2011 or wait another year and head "down under"?.  Nothing seemed to work out for us - from expensive shipping, the various political problems through the middle east to enjoying being in the UK for Spring and Summer......  We just couldn't seem to get anything planned.  In the meantime our poor old Toyota was just sitting there, with 100000 miles on the clock and 60 countries under her belt - she was keen to get moving again.  It was decision time and after several approaches from interested travellers we decided to let her get on her way with a different driver and navigator.  So with a tear in our eye we waved her off back to Footloose 4 x 4 where she will have a bit of a revamp before heading off into the distance again with her new owners. We'll be keeping an eye on their progress once they get started.

She will be missed. We have all had great times together.  BUT - don't think that means we are ready to sit at home with our feet up - we will still be travelling and hope that you will catch up with us now and again on our travels.